Luxbet Bonus Bets & Mobile App

Luxbet Mobile Betting & App

With today’s busy lifestyles, mobile betting is the way to go for huge number of Aussie punters – so a good betting app is a must. Luxbet’s mobile app will do the job, however, it’s not as reliable as most of the other big bookmaker’s apps.

The Luxbet mobile app download is currently only available for Apple iPads and iPhones – so if you have an Android device you’ll need to access mobile betting via the mobile website. This is not a huge deal as the mobile website works in a similar way to the app, but it is convenient to have the app on your device and ready to go.

The navigation is good, and the app is easy to use – but because it’s not as reliable as others, it can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to get a last minute bet on.

For punters who use mobile betting often, the Luxbet mobile app is not the best option in the market. It does the basics – you can place bets, check the latest betting markets and manage your account balance – but it lacks the added features that many other betting apps have, which is why it’s not a top pick of ours.

Luxbet Mobile Betting App

These days mobile betting is hugely popular, and if you’re one of the many punters who have tried it you’ll know that the quality of the betting app makes a massive difference to the experience. You’ll also know that some betting apps come with many add-on features, while others only allow you to do the essentials. The Luxbet mobile app is in the latter category, and is a basic betting app that lacks the sparkle that most of the competitor’s apps have.

The Luxbet mobile app download is only available for Apple iPhones and iPads, so if you’re an Android user you’ll need to stick with the mobile website. The mobile website works in a similar way to the mobile app, so you won’t be missing out too much.

With the Luxbet app you can manage your deposits and withdrawals, stay up to date with the latest sports and racing markets, and place your bets, but that’s about it – you won’t find any added features like live betting or live streaming. On top of this, it’s not the most reliable app in the market, and for punters who access mobile betting often, this can be a pain – which is why it’s not a top pick.

Luxbet Mobile App Download

If you’re keen to get started with Luxbet mobile betting, it’s fast and easy to install the app to your device. However, currently the Luxbet mobile app download is only available for Apple devices – so if you have an Android phone or tablet you’ll need to access Luxbet mobile betting via the mobile website.

For Apple users, the first thing you’ll need is an active Luxbet betting account. If you’re not already a customer, don’t worry – just head to the Luxbet website and follow the steps to set up an account. Once this is done, you’ll also need to verify your account. This can be done online through a third party verification service, or by sending the requested certified documents by post.

When your account is verified, next grab your iPad or iPhone and type in, which will redirect you to the mobile site. Once there, click on the Apple icon and this will start the download. Once the download is complete, tap Luxbet.apk to install the app to your device, making sure you hit “ok” for any messages that pop up.

And that’s that – you’ve now got the app and you’re all set to start mobile betting with Luxbet.

Luxbet Mobile App Ratings

When it comes to mobile betting apps, these days there are plenty of options. And if you’re in the market for a top betting app, you’ll find that some are cutting edge, while some others are pretty basic – and the Luxbet mobile app is definitely in the basic category.

Unlike many other apps, there’s no fancy features such as live betting or live streaming. The Luxbet app sticks to the essential functions like placing bets, managing your deposits and withdrawals, and checking all the latest local and international sports and racing betting markets.

The layout and the navigation of the Luxbet app is pretty good – it’s familiar and easy to find your way around. However, the app can be unreliable, and the performance is lacking in some areas. This is a shame, and can put a real dampener on your mobile betting experience, especially during those times when you need to get your bets on fast.

So for punters looking for a first class mobile betting app with all the trimmings, we suggest you shop around. But if all you need is a simple app, with the basic mobile betting functions, the Luxbet mobile app will certainly do the trick.