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Lottoland – Play US Powerball, Mega & Euro Millions Lotto

If you enjoy being part of Australia’s biggest lotto opportunities, but also like to spread your wings further afield and take in the best that both Europe and the United States have to offer, Lottoland offers you an unmatched chance to be part of all the action you can ever want. And all for just $5 an entry – or from just $1 for Keno!

Starting by staying at home, you can be a part of each and every draw for our own much loved Wednesday and Saturday Australian Lotto draws, plus Thursday’s Powerball. Of course, Lottoland can also help you make sure you have chances to win big in all those terrific super and mega draws. If Keno is your game of choice then you’ll be in with the chance of becoming a cheering million dollar winner as often as you care to enter on any given day.

Heading over the Pacific Ocean to the welcoming shores of America, Lottoland can help you be a part of all the amazing huge jackpot competitions that are so much a part of the lifestyle of so many of their citizens. Again, for just that $5 stake, you can find yourself competing for astonishing sums of prize money. For example, the legendary US Powerball competition delivers a minimum winning jackpot of – are you ready for this? – $55 million!

Then, still in the US, you might choose to try your luck with the US Mega Millions draws. Every single week, this lottery competition provides a jackpot of at least $20m. But, and it might take a moment to get your head round this, it has also almost incomprehensible jackpots of more than $800m.

If this seems astonishing, especially compared to our own lotto choices, mathematics experts will tell you it’s simply a result of the comparable population statistics. In the US, there are around 320 million people packed into the country. Here in OZ, we enjoy a much more spaced out collection of just 24 million!

The same is true when you consider the lottery opportunities that Lottoland offers you from the continent of Europe. There, the famous and long established EuroMillions is the source of great jackpots for people of over a dozen different nationalities – folk who appreciate the opportunity to try for the greatest lotto jackpots you’ll find in the whole of Europe.

Lottoland gives you the chance to be part of this famous EuroMillions lottery. It’s designated as a transnational lotto – and people who live in France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the UK and, in fact, a total of 13 countries, principalities and territories, all place their stakes and add to the jackpot pot.

The Lottoland team are well aware that many people like to show their loyal support for our Australian based games, while also enjoying the chance to spread their punting wings to foreign shores. This is why we make it quick and easy for you to be part of any of the games we’ve mentioned, either for each and every draw, or by entering only when you want to. At Lottoland, the choice is always yours!

Lottoland offers access to following lotteries

Play US Powerball

The title suggests the great oomph that this game has! US Powerball is played across many of the states of the US, and it offers truly amazing jackpots for those who enter.

How to play US Powerball: you choose your five numbers from a choice of between one and 60. Then, to this you add your Powerball selection, and your choices here are between one and 26. This US Powerball lottery draw is held twice weekly – every Thursday and Sunday.

About the prizes: US Powerball distribute winnings across nine superb prize divisions, and the minimum for its jackpot is a shiveringly exciting $55 million. But there’s more: their record jackpots have driven this initial jackpot up to a figure of around $1 billion! If you were to be one of their jackpot winners, you’d then have the choice of accepting a single lump sum or preferring a guaranteed payment each and every year across the next three decades!

Using the great options here at Lottoland, you can choose to set up a subscription that will make sure your entry is made for every single draw. We know how many of our terrific customers would hate to miss a single chance to win these astonishing jackpots

You can check how you’ve done as we always publish the US Powerball results and winning numbers on our website after every draw.

Play Euro Millions Lotto

Bon chance! Well, the EuroMillions number draws do take place in Paris! EuroMillions is the place where the highest jackpots the continent provides are offered, and you can be part of this at just $5 per entry.

How to play EuroMillions through Lottoland: simply make your choice by first picking just five numbers from between one and 50. Then you add to this a couple of star numbers, chosen from between one and 11. The draw takes place twice weekly on Fridays and Tuesdays.

About the prizes: if you were to be a lucky EuroMillions jackpot winner, you’d be thrilled to know that the minimum weekly prize is $21m. Of course, when it isn’t won, it rolls over, and a jackpot of $267m has been reached. You can check out past jackpot wins, as well as the latest EuroMillions winning numbers, on our Lottoland site.

EuroMillions is the result of a partnership of 13 states and countries from right across the continent, who decided to come together to deliver this superb EuroMillions lotto competition. Remember, here at Lottoland, you can enter for just $5 per single game; and we offer simple subscriptions to make sure you are entered in every single twice weekly draw. And, if you win, oh la la!

Play US Mega Millions Lotto

If it’s called Mega Millions, you’d probably quickly guess that this is a competition created by our friends in America! And, you’d be right. Mega Millions is a twice weekly draw, the chosen days are Wednesday and Saturday, and Lottoland makes it easy for you to be part of the fun for just $5 per game.

How to play Mega Millions: all you need to do is choose six numbers. Firstly, you select five from between one and 75. Then it’s time to choose your Megaball – from between one and 15.

About the prizes: Mega Millions lives up to its name by regularly delivering the highest lotto jackpots in the world. These have exceeded $500 million. Even the minimum jackpots are a life changing $20m, and the biggest and best currently stands at a – deep breath now – $840m. As is the norm for US lotteries, you can elect to take your jackpot winnings as a single mega payment or have the joy spread over 30 year by year instalments. There are even options for a five-times Megaplier boost, and these would increase your winnings by that level from the second division of prizes.

Mega Millions has been wowing folk across the US for more than two decades, and our Lottoland team well know you won’t want to neglect a single draw. This is why we deliver a superb US Mega Millions subscription service. After each draw, you can also check on our site to see which winning numbers have been chosen. So, don’t miss this mega opportunity!

Australia Lotto & Powerball

Wednesdays and Saturdays simply wouldn’t be the same right across the country without the chance to take a punt on our beloved Australian Lotto. And, of course, Thursday is the day to take part in the superb Australian Powerball draw. It’s so quick and easy to do when you head online here at Lottoland. Although each state has its own lotto name, including Gold Lotto, Tattslotto, and x Lotto, the chance to enter and win extends across the states and territories. Here at Lottoland, many folk like to make use of our simple subscription opportunity to ensure they never miss out on the chance to win.

How to enter the Australian Lotto: it’s so quick and easy; just pick any six numbers between one and 40, and then add your own Powerball preferences, and this is between one and 20.

About the prizes: Saturday lotto offers a generous six prize divisions with the minimum weekly jackpot set at $4 million – often it’s considerably higher. And never forget that you’ll also enjoy those special Superdraws, guaranteeing a superb $20 million jackpot; plus the wonderful annual Megadraw delivers a cool $30 million or more. Thursday’s Powerball Australia draw itself guarantees at least $3m and has been as high as 50 million and more. And its terrific eight prize divisions are more than any other lotto in Australia.

The simplest way to check the results after every draw? Here at Lottoland, of course!

Play Keno Online

Keno – one of the world’s oldest named cash competitions – apparently it was enthusiastically played in China many centuries ago. Keno is so beloved of many Australians, giving, as it does, a chance to pick up a cool million dollars every four minutes for around 17 hours of each day, and night.

How to play Keno: every day, the draws start at 2.34pm AEST and then you have an amazing 15 chances to win each hour right through to the close at 7.45am AEST. Every four minutes, 20 numbers are drawn from the available 60. You have the chance to choose how many numbers to play. The minimum is one and the maximum 10. To be a million dollar winner, you have to match all 10. However, even if you don’t, there are still great chances to be one of the winning Keno players. You just select your numbers and then opt for an individual stake of between just one and 10 dollars, to achieve as many numbers out of the 20 that are drawn.

Lottoland makes Keno as easy to play as it would be down at the club or in the pub. You simply visit us online when you want to play, or you can play your Keno games using our superb Lottoland mobile app. With dozen of chances to become a millionaire each day, it’s no surprise that so many Australian citizens just love Keno.