Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Having a good form guide in your hands is crucial to betting well in the racing markets. But have you ever wished you could get inside a jockey’s mind? Imagine the advantage you would have if you could find out what each and every jockey was thinking in the lead-up to the race. After all, before jumping on their horse, they have an awful lot to think about – from track conditions to trainer’s instructions. Being a jockey requires not only physical skill, but mental skill, too.

Well, it’s high time you visit Ladbrokes Ride Guide. This amazing service allows you to find out what goes on inside a jockey’s head by bringing you video footage of leading jockeys before the race begins. It’s 100% exclusive to Ladbrokes, so you won’t find it anywhere else on the web – or in real life, for that matter.

In the videos, the jockeys spill the beans on, well, everything. Firstly, visualising the overall race is an important part of strategy. They talk about how and where they see their competitors running, and how they plan on positioning their horse in response. Is it a matter of starting off slow and coming in with a bang in the home straight? Or going all-out from the second the starting gun goes off? Either way, you’ll get the inside story.

Secondly, track conditions – be they rain, hail or shine – can make a massive difference to a horse’s performance. A horse that performs brilliantly on a dry track can flounder in mud and rain – and vice versa. For that reason, the Ladbrokes Ride Guide covers jockeys’ predictions of what impact the weather might have on their run and how it might influence their approach.

Thirdly, you can expect to hear the jockeys speak in detail about their beloved horses. Every horse comes with his/her own build, strengths, weaknesses, temperament, tendencies and history. So, prepare to hear about previous losses and wins, and about the jockey’s relationship with his/her horse. A big part of this is, of course, the trainer’s influence. So, you’ll find out all about each jockey’s trainer’s opinion of the races and tips for optimum performance. Winning a race often depends on the success of the three-way relationship between jockey, horse and trainer. It can be a difficult one to sort out, but, when it’s mastered, there’s nothing better.

Fourthly, you’ll get some seriously detailed outlining of race tactics and strategies. Every single race comes with its own challenges – be it a 400 metre sprint or a four-kilometre long distance run. Whenever a jockey is preparing for a race, he/she must consider a range of elements, including speed, stamina and strength, and work out how to get the best performance by combining them. If you’ve never been lucky enough to hear jockeys talking about this fascinating stuff before, then you’ll be awe-inspired by the wealth of insights brought to you via the Ladbrokes Ride Guide. Remember, there’s no other place, anywhere, where you can get this level, depth and breadth of first-hand knowledge. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are released in advance of every major race day. So, you can make them a vital element in your punting preparation and planning. Once you have read your favourite form guide, you can turn to the Ride Guide to deepen and extend your knowledge. It’s one thing to read about a horse’s history and behaviour, but quite another to hear it directly from the mouth of an experienced jockey who knows the horse inside out and upside down. The Ladbrokes Ride Guide is designed specifically to help you make better decisions as a punter and to make your betting experience livelier and more exciting. Getting to know how the jockeys think can make all the difference.

Getting access to the Ladbrokes Ride Guide is really easy. We know that the last thing you need in your busy day is any extra hassle or fussing around, so we deliberately designed the Ladbrokes Ride Guide to make it simple to navigate. The Ride Guide videos are available on both desktop computers and on mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones. All you have to do is click the Ride Guide play button, which you’ll see on the jockey silk, located next to each and every runner on the card. It really is as straightforward as that – one click and you’re away.

Another option is to click the runner’s name, which you will see located to the right of the silk. When you hit this, you will see an expanded version of the form and, from there, you can access Ride Guide videos. Alternatively, go to the Ladbrokes Info Hub, through which you can also reach the Ladbrokes Ride Guide. You’ll see it on the main racing page. There’s an easily visible Ride Guide icon and all you have to do is hit it, to be taken to a race card page, where you will see jockeys talking about race tactics and strategies.

Regardless of which major metro Victorian horse racing meeting you are betting on, you will find a Ladbrokes Ride Guide for it. You will notice that the Guide is available for between 60% and 70% of runners at selected locations.

Do keep in mind that the Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are provided for your entertainment only. The videos are unscripted, which means the jockeys are allowed to speak freely. For this reason, Ladbrokes cannot provide a warranty concerning the accuracy of the information contained in the Ladbrokes Ride Guides.

So, are you ready to hear it from the horse’s – or should we say jockey’s – mouth? Why not visit the Ladbrokes Ride Guides today and discover just how much information is on offer? All you need is a desktop computer or mobile device. If you’ve ever wondered what runs through a jockey’s mind in the lead-up to a big race, then this is your chance to find out!