Ladbrokes Multi Maker

If, like many of our fellow Australians, you really enjoy placing a series of bets on sporting events, we’re sure you’ll appreciate any option that makes this easier for you to do. This is why it is a great idea to check out the superb Multi Maker option now available from Ladbrokes.

This brilliant and easy to use tool enables you to place your sporting multi bets using just that single interface. It’s available for betting across a wide range of sporting codes and markets and it takes just a few simple clicks to complete the bets you wish to place.

How to find and use Ladbrokes Multi Maker

It’s every bit as easy to locate as it is to use. To find it, simply go to the Ladbrokes mobile app and click on the Multi Maker link, which you’ll find on the main menu. Once there, it’s so simple to navigate between markets using the simple slider menu and market buttons. Just tap to complete and make your selection!

Amazingly, you’ll find that you can include up to an amazing 13 legs in your multi bets. Just think what the payouts are likely to be if you are successful with more than a dozen betting choices at any one time!

Not only that, but Ladbrokes Multi Maker is about offering the opportunity to navigate through a huge range of different betting markets. These already include: head to head, lines and margins. It’s also a good idea to keep checking availability because Ladbrokes fully intend to add even more great betting options in the future.

One thing to know: it’s not possible to use the Bonus Bets feature with Multi Maker. That said, to complete your Multi Maker bets, you simply need to click ‘Add to betslip’ and it’s done. Should you change your mind before completion, there’s also a simple ‘clear’ button. To finish, simply add your stake amount, confirm your bet, and it’s all done and dusted.

Now all it takes is for your selections to perform as well as this brilliant Ladbrokes Multi Maker sports betting tool! Good luck!

Ladbrokes Multi Bet Maker Guide

Lots of interested punters have been asking for information about the superb Multi Maker tool. It’s available to clients on the Ladbrokes mobile app, which is available both for an iPhone or iPad, and an Android, device. As they say themselves: ‘It’s now easier to make your multi on a mobile’!

So, Ladbrokes have made it easier to place your multi bets, across a wide range of terrific sporting events, and direct from your mobile device. It’s easy to navigate your way right to Multi Maker – simply find the button right at the top of the screen on your mobile app.

Many punters are keen to know how many legs can be part of their bet using this great Ladbrokes Multi Maker app. The answer is, to use a term popular from long ago, a ‘baker’s dozen’. With a total of 13 legs, it’s clear that the opportunity to win really big is being offered.

Punters have also been asking which actual markets are available through this Multi Maker mobile app tool. Already, you’ll find the main betting markets, such as lines, margins and head to heads; but others will be added as time goes on – so make sure you check regularly as you use this feature. It’s worth being aware, however, that one feature that can’t be used in conjunction with Ladbrokes Multi Maker is the Bonus Bets option.

Ready to give it a go?

Having downloaded the app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, it’s so easy to navigate between the many markets using the sports slider menu. Tap your choices and the multi-odds will appear at the bottom left of the screen. If you are good to go with your choice, you simply then hit ‘Add to Betslip’ and it’s done. To complete: insert the amount of your stake and confirm the transaction.

If you enjoy the fun of multi-bets, then it’s certainly worthwhile to make sure you check out this superb and easy to use Multi Maker betting option from Ladbrokes.