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As Australia’s best expert betting tips service, iPunt is the place to be when you want to check the odds and enjoy the thrill of feeling part of any horse racing, NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA, soccer, rugby, cricket or tennis event that matters to you.

iPunt offers great tipping and result predictor services as you consider your bet, then provides the detailed statistics and analysis you’ll want to check, or the amazing horse racing form guide you’ll study, and then offers a terrific chance to compare the odds for your chosen match, race or event. You can also check the latest racing results or score updates just when you want to.

So, no matter your sport of choice or event of interest, iPunt can help you pick a winner right throughout the year no matter what sports or horse racing event. It might be the top weekend footy or rugby league clashes from season starters right through to Grand Finals, or soccer from the English Premier League, NBA or NFL, or tennis from around the world. With iPunt you’ll have every bit of relevant betting information you will want to be able to confidently place that bet or play fantasy sports cash games.

Our betting tips and news coverage is for the following:

Free Horse Racing Betting Tips

If you love to follow and bet on horse racing, whether it be Australian or International horse racing or the unforgettable Melbourne Cup Day itself and meetings across the country and right throughout the year, then iPunt is the place to find the betting tips or form guide, plus the vital horse racing pre-race odds, and then to check on the final results.

iPunt offers every punter weekly horse race betting tips and pointers for all the NSW and VIC Metro race meetings. To help you check that elusive form, you’ll find the exclusive tools built into our terrific form guide are just what you need to ponder the possibilities. You can spend as long as you want finding and comparing the best horse racing odds from the top rank of Aussie bookmakers.

Of course, we back this up with all the TAB results for every Australian meeting and offer the kind of in-depth analysis you long for. When you can then also add to your knowledge with our weekly news and editorials about all that’s important in the Australian horse racing world, you’ll quickly know that iPunt is the best place to be to make your bets and check your successes.

Free NRL Betting Tips

If rugby league is a sport you like to be part of, then iPunt brings all you need to know about the NRL. You can find our tipping and predictor information, every NRL match odds and vital betting tips, those important statistics before you place your bets, and then live and complete NRL scores to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening on every National Rugby League pitch.

You’ll want to know everything that’s happening in the NRL to help you make your bets. Our weekly news updates are vital, our statistical analysis of every single clash is unmatched, our expert tipping advice service covers every single game – so important when you’re taking part in that tipping or fantasy competition. We do the hard yards for you by comparing all NRL odds from all the bookmakers. We’ll also tell you about the best available NRL betting promotions.

Then, as the drama unfolds, iPunt can deliver NRL live scores through our website or direct to your mobile. You’ll almost know if it’s a try before the referee has blown his whistle! So, if the NRL is your thing, make iPunt your destination, before, during, and after the 80 minutes of on-pitch action.

Free AFL Betting Tips

If it’s the footy for you, then iPunt is the perfect choice for all you need, from the moment the ladder starts to take shape right through the preliminary finals, and on to the very last kick of the AFL Grand Final. We’ll be busy for you right through the season, whether it’s terrific tipping, our great predictor or statistics service, providing the odds and betting tips, updating the AFL scores from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to Perth, Sydney and Adelaide, Melbourne and along the highway to Geelong.

Our terrific expert tipping service covers each and every AFL clash, giving you the paddock information to help with your tipping competition. We use our AFL predictor to offer up every statistic you’ll ever need to place that carefully considered bet. We even compare the odds across hundreds of betting markets for all matches. Then it’s game on! iPunt is still hard at work for you, allowing you to check live score updates and commentary through our website or via our superb mobile app. If it’s a behind or a major score then you’ll quickly know. For way over 100 years, footy has been our winter sport; iPunt helps you take your interest to a whole new level.

Free Rugby Betting Tips

There are so many great rugby events covered by our terrific iPunt service. Your choice might be Super Rugby or the ITM cup, The Rugby Championship or The Six Nations – we cover them all. Whether it’s tipping or predictor services, checking the odds or in-play scores, delving into the statistics or looking for great betting tips, iPunt is right here for you.

Whether you’re looking to bet on club matches or international confrontations, you’ll demand the expert advice and information to help you make informed and successful decisions. Here at iPunt, we’ll offer expert tips for rugby betting, deliver the wealth of statistics and practical analysis that rugby coaches so love, helping you with both those crucial bets and your rugby tipping competitive action. Of course, we also work hard for you in comparing the bookmakers’ odds for every important market available to you.

Then, as the players scrum down, line out, furiously ruck or maul, we’re right at the heart of the action. You can grab those live score updates and even enjoy live commentary either through your mobile or on the web. iPunt tries hard to make rugby the betting event you want it to be!

Free Soccer Betting Tips

If soccer is your choice for sporting action, then iPunt provides the quality services and statistics you need. Betting tips, great odds and more are available from your competition of choice, whether it be the A-League or EPL, Champions or Europa Leagues, FA Cup or international matches.

We kick off by providing exclusive news and editorials for those soccer clubs, matches and competitions that matter to you. You can access the very best sources for those vital stats, whether for a North London EPL derby or a vital A-League encounter, an early rounds FA Cup clash or Wembley final, as well as top Europe-wide major club clashes and vital international matches.

iPunt compares soccer odds for all these competitions from top Australian bookmakers, and even offers an exclusive results predictor. Then, as the first whistle sounds, we kick in with our live scores and commentary choices for every A-League, EPL and Champions League match. For 90 minutes, and sometimes more, we keep you informed of exactly what’s happening on the major soccer pitches across two continents.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

Whether you like the bash of a mighty six or the rivalry of a fiery Test match clash, iPunt offers all you need to make the most of your cricket betting opportunities. You might be looking for betting tips, odds or a predictor, seeking our Test match, one-day intentional, T20s, Big Bash or IPL statistics. From tipping to scores, we’re right at the pitch of every delivery.

Cricket is so much about statistics, and that’s why we provide in-depth information for all forms of the red and white ball game, from the shortest of matches to the longest of encounters. We even offer a results predictor, as well as tipping and betting tips from Tests, through one-day matches and to those thrilling T20 bashes.

Once the first ball has been bowled or the first boundary struck, we then deliver live scores for all those important matches. You can also access full news about what’s happened and then enjoy highlight videos of all Test matches, one dayers, T20, IPL and of course the amazing Big Bash. Wherever the ball meets the willow, iPunt works hard to help you enjoy a great cricket betting experience.

Free NBA Betting Tips

If you’re excited by those amazing three-pointers, or great defensive plays that are so much a part of the thrilling NBA basketball season, then you’ll want to make sure iPunt is your source of everything tipping and betting – and more. From the very first game to those season-ending NBA Finals, we’re there to provide an unbeatable service, whether tipping or predictor, delivering great odds or providing the latest scores, and also sourcing the statistics you want to access or offering those betting tips you’ll surely appreciate.

iPunt scores every time with the very best NBA betting tips and then we work hard on your behalf to compare the bookmakers’ odds. Of course, if you enjoy spending time making carefully considered fantasy NBA selections, you’ll also appreciate the wealth of analysis we provide and the key statistical information we deliver.

Then, as soon as the match is underway and you want to know what’s happening, iPunt is working on your behalf. There’s no problem to being in the know as we offer both live NBA scores and match commentary, either through our website or on the mobile app. Pass, dribble, shoot, block or score; the NBA action is best accessed through iPunt.

Free NFL Betting Tips

If you love to be involved in the excitement of the massive gridiron clashes, right through the NFL regular and post season, and on to the Super Bowl itself, then iPunt helps you make the most of that experience. There’s so much you want to know, whether betting tips or statistics, predictor or odds, from tipping to live scores, we’re there from first down to that frantic last Hail Mary pass or vital field goal.

iPunt offers simply the best expert service when you’re looking for those NFL betting tips. For a sport with so many on the coaching team, you’ll know how important in-depth statistics and detailed analysis is to the tactics employed and choices made. Whether betting on matches, or playing fantasy NFL, iPunt is the place to hunker down. We compare the odds bookmakers offer on the NFL to give you the choice you demand.

Then, from kick off you can join us for live NFL score updates and match commentary. From Green Bay to Florida, New England to Denver, and so many places across the US, we’ll take you pitchside to know exactly what’s happening to the teams you favour and the clashes you want to follow.

Free Tennis Betting Tips

If you’re a fan of tennis and enjoy tipping the outcomes of key matches, like checking the statistics or current odds, then iPunt covers it all. From the Australian Open in January, on to Roland Garros for the French Open in the Paris springtime, Wimbledon in English high summer, and the US Open in steaming hot New York, iPunt offers an unmatched service. We also cover all the ATP and WTA Tour events throughout the year, and those special Davis or Fed Cup occasions.

To help you make those truly informed choices, we offer in-depth stats and key analysis for all the Slam and Tour events. Our tennis betting predictor will be of terrific help as you decide on each individual match you’ve chosen. You can compare the up-to-date odds for all these tennis events right throughout the year.

From the moment that the umpire has called ‘play’ until it’s ended with ‘game, set and match’, you’ll be able to view those crucial live score updates and enjoy key commentary either on our website or by using the terrific app. From stunning service aces to those baseline duels or dashes to the net, the ball is always in iPunt’s court!