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DraftStars – Fantasy Sports Games

The fantasy sports league offered by CrownBet that can be played every day is DraftStars. An exciting joint venture between CrownBet and Fox Sports, DraftStars is the official daily fantasy sports partner of the AFL. Over $2.5 million was won this AFL and NFL season, but NRL, NBA, cricket and soccer fans will love DraftStars just as much.

Similar to regular fantasy but played over a shorter time frame, daily fantasy sports is where you build a team of athletes from your favourite sports league that goes head-to-head with other hand-picked teams. Points are then earned based on the actual statistical performance of the athletes in their real-life sporting worlds, and the daily fantasy sports prizes are duly handed out!

Because daily fantasy sports are played over a week or even a single day of sporting events, DraftStars is a more exciting variation of the more traditional fantasy sports games which take place over an entire season. This means that you aren’t stuck with your fantasy team for a long period. And it’s always much more exciting to create a new team of real-world athletes just for fun or to boost your chances of success.

The biggest cash prizes in the business are available every single week when you play DraftStars with CrownBet, and all you have to do is pick your ultimate fantasy sports team and start playing in all the most exciting contests. Whether you love local or international football codes, cricket or even the NBA, you’ll also love playing Fantasy NRL, Fantasy AFL, Fantasy EPL and much more with DraftStars.

Teams of your favourite players can be put together within minutes, either within DraftStars’ salary cap formats or by using the live draft system. Either way, you can keep trying different players, teams and tactics every single week. With this kind of flexibility, it’s no wonder so many people love DraftStars.

Once you have put together your DraftStars team and you’re ready to see how it fares, you can watch how those points are scored as it happens via the DraftStars live match centre. As well as keeping your eye on your team, this is where you can also check out how your opponents are faring, while your contest standings can be seen on the live leader board.

How to Play DraftStars

Playing DraftStars by CrownBet is as easy as it is fun. You start in the lobby, where you can choose from the available games including AFL, NRL, NBA and NFL. Take a look around and decide on the contest you would like to enter – create your own or play against your friends, the choice is yours.

Navigating through the lobby is simple, as you can sort by categories including sport, contest type, payout, entry amount and more. Some of the competitions are on a ‘winner takes all’ basis, while others will see the odds of success skyrocket as you share in the big cash prizes among hundreds or even thousands of winners. In short, it’s all up to you which way of playing and winning you prefer.

There are also multiple game options when you play the daily fantasy sports league DraftStars, not to mention the various tournaments on offer and the live draft. Guaranteed contests are among the content options, as are featured contests which have massive cash prize pools. You can even play head to head or multiplayer – when it comes to DraftStars, the choice is yours.

Newcomers to DraftStars can choose to start in the easy beginner’s contest, where you can get a feel for daily fantasy sports competitions and how the fantasy cash games on offer work. But if you’re familiar with season-long fantasy leagues, you’ll really love the shorter version in the form of CrownBet’s DraftStars as you choose which players will get the call to play on game day.

But only on DraftStars will you choose ANY players you want in each competition, making this the fun and flexible way to play fantasy sports. That’s as long as you stay under the salary cap, pick the players with the right price and put together the best possible lineup for a fun and successful game.

You can then sit back and watch your contests play out live, with player stats and scores updating in real time through the My Contests or My Lineups options. So as you battle for bragging rights and cash, tune in and track your position in DraftStars in real time, for the most rewarding daily fantasy sports league.

DraftStars Fantasy Sports Scoring System

When you play CrownBet’s daily fantasy sports league DraftStars, you will need to take note of how the scoring systems differ between the AFL, NRL, NBA and NFL fantasy cash games that are available to play.

For example, for the highly popular fantasy AFL games, there are no less than 9 different ways to either score points or – in the event of free kicks being awarded against one of your players – have points deducted. But when you play fantasy NRL games with DraftStars, there are a full 13 different ways to be awarded points based on how your selected players’ performance fares during the game.

If you choose to play fantasy NBA with DraftStars, scoring points can happen in 8 different ways, and if your selected player is having a particularly good day, there are even 3 ways to score additional bonus points.

The performance of your players in fantasy NRL is also central to scoring offence points, with 11 different ways to score in this way. But there are even more different ways to score – 14 to be precise – when it comes to the defensive aspects of your selected NRL players’ performances.

The variety of different sports and contest types that you can play DraftStars with is vast. CrownBet’s daily fantasy sports league began with AFL but it wasn’t long before many other popular sports were added. All the fantasy sports leagues are played in a similar way from the DraftStars lobby, where you can start putting together your ultimate team within just a few clicks.

DraftStars is also the flexible way to play fantasy sports because you can choose your athletes either for a round of matches (a weekend), for just a single day, and in many cases you can put a whole team together for just one match. Simply put your team together, start entering free or paid contests against friends or the entire DraftStars community and win real cash prizes while having fun.