CrownBet Rewards Points Program

CrownBet Rewards Program

Are you looking for a unique loyalty program that truly pays off? Then look no further than CrownBet Rewards for your best betting rewards program in the industry.

Thanks to the partnership CrownBet has forged with Crown Resorts, customers who sign up for the CrownBet Rewards program now have the opportunity to earn benefits, privileges and points that go beyond anything that has ever been offered before.

With the new rewards program, you can tap into the Crown Signature Club Membership benefits, getting more bang for your buck.

Not only this, for every event you bet with CrownBet, whether it’s racing or sports, you can earn CrownBet Rewards Points. You can then redeem these points for CrownBet Bonus Bets, thrilling AFL experiences, as well as entry to events at Crown Melbourne.

Once you have become a CrownBet Rewards member, you will immediately start to see the benefits as access allows you to enjoy exclusive member privileges at Crown Melbourne. These discounts include hotel and dining offers.

And that’s not all – with your CrownBet Reward points, you can also get extra bets, further betting tips or merchandise, gift cards and discounts on services such as Spotify and Presto.

Earning CrownBet Rewards Points

So how exactly do you collect the CrownBet Reward Points? It’s really rather simple. All you have to do is place a bet on a race and with every CrownBet you will be rewarded with CrownBet Rewards points.

Furthermore, if you place a bet on a horse racing event, you will earn an extra 1 CrownBet Rewards point for every $2 you spend.

And the points gathering doesn’t end there, either. If you bet on fixed win and exotic horse racing betting markets, you can also earn an extra one CrownBet Reward Point for every $1 bet.

Other advantages include a 1 CrownBet Rewards Point for every $5 spent on the sports betting markets in general, as well as a further 1 CrownBet Rewards Point for every $1 you spend betting on Multi Bets.

Once you are a member of the Crown Signature Club, you will also begin to collect points when you spend at Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne.

If you spend a weekend dining out at the Crown Casino, or perhaps relaxing in the spa or having a drink in one of the bars, you will begin to see your rewards flood in. All you need to do is show your Crown Signature Club card at participating outlets and you can begin to collect your points!

Redeeming CrownBet Rewards Points

The best part about collecting CrownBet Rewards points is that there is a huge variety of options where you can spend your points. Whether it’s experiences, services or products, the rewards points cover so many great things.

One way you can choose to redeem your points is by using your CrownBet Rewards to gather bets that are valued between $2.50 and $1000.

You can also choose to spend the CrownBet Rewards points you collect on different betting options such as horse racing tipping. Or why not venture into the AFL Shop or use your points towards hospitality vouchers for Victorian Country horse racing.

At the Crown hotels in Melbourne, the options for where to spend your points are endless. You can choose to use them on Mr. Aristotle Gift Cards, Horse Back Winery Tours or another great Crown Melbourne experience.

Perhaps you want to use your points towards a good cause? That can also be done, as CrownBet Rewards Points can be redeemed as donations to charities such as Cure for MND Foundation and the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Or if you’re a bit of a sports memorabilia buff, you can spend CrownBet Rewards Points on merchandise.

Have an amazing and memorable day out on your points too, redeeming them on tickets for events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup, Daytona 5000, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, and more.

Crown Signature Club Membership

For the CrownBet Signature Club Membership, there are five different card tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black.

Depending on the tier you are, you will have different CrownBet Signature Clubs benefits on offer.

You can also earn membership credits, by collecting 450 tier points over the space of seven days. Once you collect membership credits, you will begin to work your way up the tier levels, progressing towards further rewards and benefits.

For example, for each 1 CrownBet Rewards point earned, you will also earn 1 Tier CrownBet Rewards Point for spending at different CrownBet hotels and CrownBet casino games.

You can also collect five CrownBet Points to go towards one tier point for the different restaurants, bars, retail and conference centres operating under the CrownBet Signature Club program.

Plus, as a CrownBet Signature Club Member, you can also have the chance to win one Audi A1 every week in the Ultimate Prize Jackpot giveaway.

So make the most of CrownBet Rewards by taking part in the different eSport betting opportunities online and within the tournaments that are hosted regularly down at the Crown Casino.

It’s easy to see the advantages of being a Crown Signature Club member when all you have to do is present your card and see your transactions turn into great points for you to spend.

CrownBet Rewards Privileges

You really shouldn’t delay joining the CrownBet Rewards and CrownBet Signature Club with so many great privileges and benefits on offer, depending on which level you reach.

Whether you take advantage of free parking at Crown Resorts, cheaper rates with Crown offers, or access into exclusive gaming areas, you can truly feel like a VIP when you become a member.

Once you sign up for the CrownBet Rewards Benefits program, you will be put into the tier period which has a review time of six months, after which your first tier level will be decided.

As you collect membership credits, you will work your way up the different tier levels, receiving better benefits as you go.

So remember, for one membership credit, you need to earn just 450 tier points over the space of a week.

So get out there and enjoy your membership!