CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

We suppose that there may be a few Australians who are not fans of the footy – we just can’t remember meeting any! Okay, probably a bit of an exaggeration, but we know that our unique winter sporting passion hits the spot for so many of our fellow citizens. It’s fair to say that the people at CrownBet are as aware of this as anyone – but they’ve taken action to improve the way their customers can gain access to live coverage of all the matches. And, when we say ‘all the matches’, we actually mean that: every single one of them, from first bounce up at the start of the year, right through to the Grand Final itself.

They’ve managed to achieve this because they are the official wagering partner of the AFL. Through this partnership, they have developed a sensational CrownBet AFL Live streaming facility, making each of the many thrilling match-ups available to view right at your fingertips. Providing you’re holding either a tablet or a mobile phone, that is! The first thing to know is that this AFL Live Vision service is available only to CrownBet customers – so, if you don’t yet have an account with them, be sure to open one as soon as possible. Once you do, there is no charge made by CrownBet for all the streaming of matches you undertake. Of course, it’s wise to check the position with your carrier regarding how this might affect their own data usage charges.

It’s also important to know that this brilliant and innovative AFL Live vision facility is only available through the use of either an Android or iOS mobile application. It can’t be accessed simply by visiting CrownBet’s own website. However, mobile is surely the way to go! This means you can be at one match and check up on another; maybe find out how the team you barrack for are getting on during a break at work. Equally, if you want to, you can just kick back at home with a cold glass of whatever is your choice. If there are members of your family who want to watch other things on TV – how dare they – you can scrunch down in your own corner and tune in and watch whatever action you choose.

So, if footy is your passion, then CrownBet AFL Live Vision match streaming is certainly something to add to the ways you can enjoy the greatest of all Australia’s sports.

How to stream AFL Games Live

If the bounce of the ball is important to you, if you want to watch that vital kick, wait to see whether a goal or behind has been scored – then you know that footy is your passion. You won’t want to miss a moment of your team’s own games, or other key match-ups. And now you don’t have to. Thanks to CrownBet and the AFL, live streaming of every single game will be available to you. Here’s what you need to know to help you to make the most of this facility.

    • The service is only available to CrownBet customers – so, if you don’t yet have an account, it’s important to put that right

– Once your account is up-and-running, the next stage is to download the CrownBet app. This is available both in iOS and Android formats and can then be viewed on your mobile phone, or if you like the bigger picture, your tablet

  • With the app successfully installed, it’s time to navigate right to the specific AFL Live event that you want to access and enjoy
  • Simply then click on the ‘Watch Live’ button; you’ll find it located at the top of all their AFL events pages
  • At some stage, it may be worth checking with your data service provider in case they are likely to make any unexpected usage charges, and how you can then avoid this happening. The great news is that CrownBet make absolutely no charge for their streaming service for all these great AFL contests


So, there you go, fully primed and ready. From the moment the AFL season kicks off, you can get closer to the team you barrack for than ever before. You can be part of the ups and downs – hopefully more of the former; celebrate the magnificent wins; and growl about the occasional surprise losses. If you want, you can access and watch every single regular season and finals game they play. Hopefully, that will stretch right through to an unforgettable Saturday at the MCG and glorious celebrations thereafter! No matter where you find yourself, the CrownBet AFL Live streaming option will always be at your fingertips, hopefully as your players grab the ball in the same way and then kick that match-winning goal.

If you aren’t yet ready to receive all this superb coverage, it’d be wise to check out CrownBet and sign up right now!