About Us

For many people, having a gamble is a hugely enjoyable part of their life. Australians are known around the globe for their willingness to have a punt – both in life and in gambling. When they do, most Aussies like to be smart in their choices. That’s why they expect the best of both information and advice, and also for the facility to be in place that lets them bet quickly when they have made their choices.

Our team at Punt Media¬†are committed to delivering such a service, both through our website itself, and with the super iPunt app for when you are on-the-move or in a hurry. iPunt is both owned and operated by Punt Media Pty Ltd. Our aim is simple: to always deliver the best of sporting information, and make it easy for you to access this and make your selections. This is true whether your sport of choice might be horse racing, or those great institutions that are the AFL and NRL. You might also be into the A-League or other soccer, perhaps Super Rugby or, from across the Pacific, the NFL and NBA. Increasing numbers love their eSports. Whichever is your favourite, then iPunt provides a superb betting interface. As well as offering quality betting tools, such as line pickers for example, when you pay us a visit you’ll also quickly discover terrific tips, powerful news and stats analysis options; never forgetting the ever-vital odds comparisons. With all this assistance, we match it up with facilities to let you place that bet just as soon as you wish.

Away from sports, the chance to play so many of the world’s most famous – and huge jackpot – lotteries is increasingly popular among the people who join us though iPunt.

By the way, it’s important that we let you know that we are not ourselves a betting company, and we do not own a gambling licence. What we do is work with Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies, and each of them is licensed out of the Northern Territory. Punt Media also fully complies with the Interactive Gambling Act and we will not collect any personal data other than that which is specified in the privacy policy. Finally, we only ever deliver information about betting companies who are operating within the Financial Transaction Records Act; all of them are also both licensed and regulated for the benefit of Australian consumers. Phew – with all that said, please come and pay us a visit right now.

About Problem Gambling

Our team knows that gambling, in whichever form you choose, should be one of life’s pleasures. This might be an online lottery entry, or to enhance the fun of watching those big sporting clashes, or when you spend a day at the races. You might occasionally head for the casino, or play the pokies on a fun night out. That’s all well and good, making an enjoyable occasion that little bit more so. Sadly, for some people it becomes much more than that.

If you feel your gambling is getting out-of-hand, one way that helps many people is to apply for a self-exclusion application. Once in place, it will prevent betting companies from accepting any bets you try to place. It’s both up to you to nominate the length of time it’s in place, and to apply for another when it expires, if you still appreciate that this is best for you.

It’s said that up to 500,000 Australians are currently problem gamblers – or are reckoned to be at risk of the personal harm it can cause, and to many more people than just the individual themselves. Another important way to seek help is to contact Gambling Help Online. This is where so many have already appreciated that they are not alone with their compulsion and need gambling counselling, and are willing to tell their stories and offer help. Please do consider taking a positive step if gambling has darkened your life.